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Welcome 2022!

· 2 min read

Happy new year! I wish everyone health, hapiness and a 2022 in which each individual decides it's own fate, by letting fear aside!

For me, 2021, was a year full of growth, both personally and professionaly, and even if the "pandemic" affected my daily life, it did not stop me from living it. The one thing that did disappoint me though, was how easily people were divided due to the whole situation, but perhaps, in the years to come, everyone - hopefully - will learn their lesson from this. The important thing to do right NOW is, to stop being little scared...puppies, and take your life back.

Pandemic aside, during 2021 I have recorded my daily activities in 15 minute intervals and I will be exporting some stats from it soon (and post them of course), but from the initial looks of it, I already have a small list of things I want to improve this year:

  1. Spend more time on side projects; it relaxes me and I love learning new things
  2. Spend more time on my blog (Goal: at least one post per month)
  3. Meditate more (20-30 minutes per day will do just fine!)
  4. Drink less coffee and alcohol 😬
  5. Wake up earlier (7am vs 8am I have been waking up until now)

I feel pretty confident that I will improve all the above and more, this year but hey, one step at a time!

What are YOUR plans for 2022?