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Remote work tips - How NOT to snap

· 3 min read

Lot of these articles going around these days due to COVID-19, but I felt like giving my two cents since I’ve been a freelancer in the past, mostly working from home, so I know how it feels like.

Despite what everyone thinks about the awesomeness of working from the comfort of your couch, it’s definitely not easy. Αfter a while, no matter how many tips you are going to read, it’s up to you to try and achieve mental toughness.


· One min read

We are facing an unprecedented situation in human history. The COVID-19 virus has affected everyones life and is testing us in ways that we have not been tested before. It has been brutally attacking our health and our economies and imprisoned us in our own homes for our own safety but we need to be patient and go through this together.

Stay safe, be kind to each other and help those that need it.